We buy and trade bikes every week, but when it comes to selling your bike have you thought about all your options?

Trade up to a new Harley-Davidson

Trading up is the most common way we receive our used stock. Some people hold onto their bikes from new for a long period of time and others will trade in every couple of years so they always have the latest model with warranty. It’s also the easiest way to roll over your finances from your old bike to your new bike.

Sell your bike to us outright

Need instant cash, don’t have time to set up adverts and wait for viewers? We can pay you for your used Harley-Davidson usually within the same day. We are always looking for good quality used stock and have multiple independent valuers to make certain you’re getting the true value.

Sell your bike on consignment

Not in a rush to sell and want to maximise your return? Consignment is a great option for those not wanting to deal with selling on the private market, let us take care of the marketing, phone calls, appointments and organising freight.

Because we are a Harley-Davidson dealer we find interstate buyers trust buying unseen and opens up the market to thousands more buyers.

Sell your bike privately

Selling privately is a very popular way to sell your bike with technology making it easier than ever to make an online listing. If you decide to try this option here are some tips and facts sometimes people aren’t aware of.

Test Rides

Don’t let anyone test ride unless they have made full payment as a deposit If they steal or crash your bike on a test ride, often you are not insured through most insurance companies. Talk with your insurance company for further information.

Advertising on Facebook Marketplace

Turn off your location settings and when including your location make it broad i.e Rockhampton Region.

Be Careful Showing your Motorcycle at Home

Don’t invite potential buyers to your home or shed. While most buyers can be trustworth, often thieves will case out what you have and from your arrangements may know when you are and aren’t home.

Accepting Payment

Be careful — fraudulent bank cheques are often a good way to get away with your bike. By then it’s to late! Never let go of your bike with a funds transfer until the money is sitting in your account.